Personal Reviews for Encore Rehab

Amanda Victoria Lusk-Stange- “I have never enjoyed physical therapy, until I received my care at this establishment. They are friendly, and care about you as a person.”

Amy Harris Montgomery - “Can’t imagine going anywhere other than Encore!!! Thank you for making everyone all feel at ease and taking you time to work with each and everyone!!”

Ruth Vanzandt- Joanna Martin, the Physical Therapist at Encore Rehab, got me to Boston in 2013 when 3 doctors said I would not be able to run due to injured hamstring. Exercises, e-stim, massage were all part of the treatment plan and it worked. I continue to do the PRI exercises she taught me & am returning to Boston in 2014. She is excellent and I will always be grateful for what she has done for me!

Peggy Brooks Saint- Am so very much enjoying my Therapy. Thank you Joanna Martin for your help, understanding & patience!

Lacy Gunter Martin- “Finally starting my physical therapy! Thought it would be a very unpleasant experience but it’s not.. I Love Encore, they have the best staff ever:) So happy I chose this place & so glad it’s only 5min away from me, lol Feeling Motivated :)”

Toni DeVaney- “Awesome group, when I should’ve gone to OT and stayed in an in-house rehabilitation, they accepted me as a patient and got me further than my doctor even imagined possible. Thank you.”

Benny Garrison- “These people are great. They do good work and they act like they care. I been to several places for rehab, but this place beats them all. They always ask how you doing like they care. Thanks to all of you.”

Angel F Signs Eipp- “They listen, treat you with respect and only Work towards your recovery. Thanks for all you have done for me.”

Dianna Varnes- “Kind and dedicated staff, they work hard to get you back to your optimal level.”

Karen Perkins Daniel- They worked wonders for me. And Stacey Martin is the best!!!

Jacob Chaffin- “Best staff I have ever worked with. Did a great job, and was willing to help me everyday.”

Deborah Sweda- “Wonderful people and excellent care. You can’t do any better!”

Charlene Taylor- “Professional and caring staff. Does their best to help you stay on the road to recovery.”

Lorraine Frazier- “The BEST and only place to go for therapy!!”

Kayla Hardy- Wouldn’t choose another place to do therapy at! The staff was awesome and really nice. Tracy was awesome!!!

Shannon Gillespie Grace- “Marc Bernier and the staff at Encore are great to work with!”

Stacey Adamson Schaeffer- “Great place to take therapy and everyone is so nice!”

Kimberly Smith Franks- “Wonderful and caring staff!”

Jason Zajac – “The best patient care in town!”

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