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After a stroke, David is driving again!

David Weatherly Driving Simulator 3 Ocean Springs Neuro

David Weatherly learns to drive again using the Driving Simulation Program at Singing River Neuro Clinic in Ocean Springs, Mississippi

David Weatherly suffered a stroke two years ago. He couldn’t walk, drive, or use his hand. He felt like his inability to drive became a burden on his wife. He decided he wanted to drive again!

David Weatherly Driving Simulator Ocean Springs Neuro

Working with his physician, David was referred to Singing River’s Neuro Rehab Clinic in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Here David would take part in the Driving Simulation Program with Encore Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist Christa Anderson.

David Weatherly Driving Simulator 2 Ocean Springs Neuro

Christa Anderson OT Driving Simulator Ocean Springs Neuro

Christa Anderson, Occupational Therapist with Encore Rehabilitation

After a few weeks of using the Driving Simulation Program, David’s accuracy and speed of movement improved and now he can drive again! Outstanding job, David!

If you would like to know more about the Driving Simulation Program at Singing River Neuro Rehab Clinic in Ocean Springs, call 228-818-1207.

To view a video of David’s complete story, please click here.



A very Merry Christmas Celebration at Adult Neuro Center


The Adult Neuroscience Center (Ocean Springs, Mississippi) held its Annual Support Group Christmas Party on Friday, December 15th for members of the four support groups offered at our clinic.  These groups include the Parkinson’s Disease Support Group, the Aphasia & Communication Support Group, the Movement Disorder Exercise Group, and the Stroke Support Group.  Good times and laughter were shared by all who attended!

For further information regarding when/where these groups meet, please call our Ocean Springs Office at (228)-818-1207.


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Grayson smiling at Santa!

Grayson Richardson has Down Syndrome and attends the Ocean Springs Pediatric Clinic for Speech Therapy.  He smiles all the time and has a special talent for remembering the  name of everyone he meets at the clinic.  You have a great smile, Grayson!

Santa stopped by the clinic on Monday, December 11th to visit all the kids.  We enjoy Santa’s visit every year! Merry Christmas from Ocean Springs Pediatric Clinic and Encore Rehabilitation!

Ocean Springs Spine and Orthopedic Clinic Patient of the Month, Kathy Slaten.

Screen Shot 2016-10-07 at 2.29.21 PM.png

Congratulations to the Ocean Springs Spine and Orthopedic Clinic Patient of the Month, Kathy Slaten! Kathy is a native of Ocean Springs, MS and has been receiving physical therapy at our clinic on her lower back. Before physical therapy, Kathy wasn’t able to live the active lifestyle she was used to, and couldn’t perform household duties such as cooking, laundry, or cleaning. One of Kathy’s friends came along side her and recommended she try physical therapy under our DPT, Valerie Sullivan. Kathy has now been with us for 4 weeks and says her back is stronger, has increased mobility, and says she is almost pain free!

“I was ignorant of what physical therapy could do for me, but I am certainly a believer now and would recommend Encore to anyone! I could not be more impressed!”

– Kathy