Rehab worked great!

Dana Dyer Photo Enterprise Revised

Dana Dyer’s doctor referred him to Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise for physical therapy for his shoulder. Dana says, “The referral was to have therapy to regain my mobility and strength. It’s worked great!” 

Dana is well on his way to recovery! Thank you for choosing Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise! 

Encore Rehabilitation-Enterprise
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Happy and healthy with Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana

Sherrer Shirey Photo Columbiana

After knee replacement surgery, Sherrer Sherry choose Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana because the clinic was close to home. Seven weeks later, Sherrer also recommends Encore because of the wonderful care she received! 

Sherrer says, “The staff have been extremely helpful both physically and emotionally. They were instrumental in helping me reach goals so that I could return to my normal life. They often were helpful to encourage me on hard days. They offered the right amount of encouragement and push when I needed it. Always friendly and welcoming, I highly recommend this facility and I would recommend it to my friends!”

Thank you, Sherrer, for letting us be part of your journey to better health!

More Confident! – Debra Howard and Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana

Debra Howard Columbiana

Being a mail carrier, Debra Howard needs to be able to walk and carry heavy pouches of mail. Knee problems were causing Debra trouble, even after surgery.

She says, “The doctor referred me for Physical Therapy  and it helped strengthen my knee and made me much more confident about going back to work.” 

After a month of rehabilitation with Encore Rehabilitation-Columbiana, Debra is greatly improved!

Thank you, Debra, for choosing Encore! 


They listen to how I feel

Heather Bland Montgomery East Revised

Recovery from surgery can be challenging. Just ask Heather Bland. She was recently recovering from rotator cuff and bicep tendon repair surgery. A friend recommended she go to Encore Rehabilitation-Montgomery East for her physical therapy.

Heather tells about her rehabilitation at Encore: “Tyson and Lauren have helped me work on rehabbing my shoulder after surgery. My surgeon was impressed at how well I was able to move my shoulder just weeks later.”

“Tyson and Lauren were also great at explaining why we do what we do each visit along with what to expect afterwards.”

Thank you, Heather, for sharing your experience at Encore Rehabilitation!

Regional Director Tyson Crisman, PT, sees patients at Encore Rehabilitation-Montgomery East, while Lauren Luke, DPT, is the Clinical Director at our new location-Encore Rehabilitation-Pike Road.


Touching the Lives of Others Every Day with Tyson Crisman, PT – Celebrating National Physical Therapy Month

Tyson Crisman PT Pike Road Oct 2017 Revised 2

Tyson Crisman, Physical Therapist and Clinical Director for Encore Rehabilitation – Montgomery East, says, “The best thing about being a physical therapist is being able to touch people’s lives on a daily basis. We have the opportunity to positively affect people’s lives with our care. Sometimes it is with our clinical skills, sometimes it is through our caring attitudes and other times it is with our caring actions.” 

Tyson is no stranger to helping others. He has been a physical therapist for 13 years and has been with Encore Rehabilitation for one year.  Recently Tyson added Certified in Dry Needling to his list of treatments he can offer patients.

Tyson continues, “Whether it is a joint mobility that relieves pain, a smile and wave, or a sympathetic acknowledgement of understanding, we have the chance to positively affect every person’s life or day. I pray every day that God helps me to impact everyone that comes to our clinic in a positive manner.” 

Thank you, Tyson, for always helping our patients! Happy Physical Therapy Month!


“The best thing about being a Physical Therapist is. . .” Encore Rehabilitation Celebrates National Physical Therapy Month with Natalie Ayres

Natalie Ayers PTRevised

Encore Rehabilitation Clinical Director Natalie Ayres, PT, DPT, CKTP, Cert DN, is happy to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month. Natalie says, The best thing about being a Physical Therapist is being able to help people get back to doing the things in life that give them joy! Musculoskeletal dysfunction cannot only take away a person’s independence but can cause pain resulting in someone having to give up doing the things they love.

Natalie knows all about helping others return to an active life. She has been a Physical Therapist for 9 years and has been with Encore Rehabilitation for 3 years. In addition to receiving her Bachelors in Science (Human Performance) from the University of Alabama and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Alabama – Birmingham, Natalie is Certified in Dry Needling and is a Certified Kinesio Tape Practitioner. Natalie is the Clinical Director for Encore Rehabilitation in Vernon and Fayette, Alabama.

Natalie continues, “The look on someone’s face when they realize that they can care for themselves, their family, their home, or return to work or sports, garden, shop, etc. without assistance or pain is priceless. I love having the opportunity to be a part of improving a person’s quality of life.

Thank you Natalie for all you do! Happy National Physical Therapy Month!

At Encore Rehabilitation, we LOVE to see you move!


Personal Reviews for Encore Rehab

Amanda Victoria Lusk-Stange– “I have never enjoyed physical therapy, until I received my care at this establishment. They are friendly, and care about you as a person.”

Amy Harris Montgomery – “Can’t imagine going anywhere other than Encore!!! Thank you for making everyone all feel at ease and taking you time to work with each and everyone!!”

Ruth Vanzandt– Joanna Martin, the Physical Therapist at Encore Rehab, got me to Boston in 2013 when 3 doctors said I would not be able to run due to injured hamstring. Exercises, e-stim, massage were all part of the treatment plan and it worked. I continue to do the PRI exercises she taught me & am returning to Boston in 2014. She is excellent and I will always be grateful for what she has done for me!

Peggy Brooks Saint– Am so very much enjoying my Therapy. Thank you Joanna Martin for your help, understanding & patience!

Lacy Gunter Martin– “Finally starting my physical therapy! Thought it would be a very unpleasant experience but it’s not.. I Love Encore, they have the best staff ever:) So happy I chose this place & so glad it’s only 5min away from me, lol Feeling Motivated :)”

Toni DeVaney– “Awesome group, when I should’ve gone to OT and stayed in an in-house rehabilitation, they accepted me as a patient and got me further than my doctor even imagined possible. Thank you.”

Benny Garrison– “These people are great. They do good work and they act like they care. I been to several places for rehab, but this place beats them all. They always ask how you doing like they care. Thanks to all of you.”

Angel F Signs Eipp– “They listen, treat you with respect and only Work towards your recovery. Thanks for all you have done for me.”

Dianna Varnes– “Kind and dedicated staff, they work hard to get you back to your optimal level.”

Karen Perkins Daniel– They worked wonders for me. And Stacey Martin is the best!!!

Jacob Chaffin– “Best staff I have ever worked with. Did a great job, and was willing to help me everyday.”

Deborah Sweda– “Wonderful people and excellent care. You can’t do any better!”

Charlene Taylor– “Professional and caring staff. Does their best to help you stay on the road to recovery.”

Lorraine Frazier– “The BEST and only place to go for therapy!!”

Kayla Hardy– Wouldn’t choose another place to do therapy at! The staff was awesome and really nice. Tracy was awesome!!!

Shannon Gillespie Grace– “Marc Bernier and the staff at Encore are great to work with!”

Stacey Adamson Schaeffer– “Great place to take therapy and everyone is so nice!”

Kimberly Smith Franks– “Wonderful and caring staff!”

Jason Zajac – “The best patient care in town!”